Urban Mobile Charging (UMC)

The first mobile charging service for electric vehicle users

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2023
  • Nimble Energy Ltd.
  • € 1 259 517

By 2030, 33 million electrical vehicle owners in Europe will need efficient charging. UMC is creating an on-demand electric vehicle charging service called NIMBEE which will operate in Žilina, Slovakia; Riga, Latvia, and Braunschweig, Germany.  Instead of drivers needing to locate a charging station, an autonomous battery-operated charging robot will go to them.  Drivers will have access to charging as needed, thus optimising a city’s space and infrastructure. The project will help cities to better plan and streamline deployment of the availability of electrical charging infrastructure such as mobile charging stations and provide valuable on-demand services for electric vehicle owners. 

The most valuable output will be an autonomous charging unit and robotic arm (in 2023), and demand-side flexibility. 


More charging infrastructure for electrical vehicles, resulting in higher rates of clean energy use and reduced air pollution to help achieve the EU’s climate change goals.

Main Objective

Create the first mobile charging service where the electrical vehicle charger comes to electric vehicle users.


Development of an autonomous charging platform, as well as the transportation platform and user app tested by each pilot city with a minimum of 100 charging sessions per city.



Project lead

Miroslav Czadek
Nimble energy s.r.o.
Benoit Nicolas
Altran Technologies / Capgemini Engineering France