Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics

Project Description

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  • 1 October 2022
  • 30 June 2023
  • Innovation Hub North, EIT Urban Mobility
  • 805 000 DKK

With climate change accelerating, climate adaptation is becoming an increasingly important topic for the world’s cities, which continue to grow and contribute immensely to global emissions. While transport-related public space in cities is too often neither sustainable nor effective, Nordic cities have pioneered world-leading solutions for reallocating public space which – apart from helping reduce transport emissions, improve air quality and create more inclusive spaces – have also brought clear benefits in terms of climate adaptation.

The Urban Climate Adaptation in the Nordics (UCAN) project, co-funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and run by EIT Urban Mobility – an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU – will showcase examples of transport-related public space reallocation projects in Nordic cities that have also contributed to climate adaptation.

The project will bring practitioners and policymakers from the region together in sharing their insights and best practices, as well as include Nordic youth voices via a creative competition in which young people can express their visions for transformed streets. The Nordic city solutions and youth visions will then be published as an inspirational catalogue that will provide practitioners and policymakers with information on the environmental, economic and social impacts of such projects, and bring Nordic solutions to the rest of Europe.


This activity addresses the following challenge areas: active mobility, intermodality, mobility infrastructure, mobility for all, creating public realm, mobility and energy, and pollution reduction.

Main Objective

The UCAN project promotes Nordic solutions for climate adaptation in public space reallocation projects and invites young people to share their visions for transforming streets.


An inspirational catalogue with Nordic city solutions and young people’s visions for transformed streets is published and shared with practitioners and policymakers across Europe.



Project lead

Piret Liv Stern Dahl
EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub North