UAM Plazza Accelerator 

10 start-ups developing urban air mobility solutions focusing on clean energy and logistics

Project Description

  • Impact Ventures
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • Toulouse Metropole
  • €349 316

As part of Toulouse Metropole’s flagship accelerator and incubator centre, B612, the Urban Air Mobility Plazza Accelerator multi-year programme will assist a minimum of 10 start-ups developing urban air mobility solutions from across Europe focusing on environmentally sustainable logistics and clean energy. Apart from networking with experts, information sessions on investment rounds, access to living labs, and regular mentoring, the accelerator programme will help start-ups to raise investment, test and validate their product, learn more about policy and regulation requirements, and access the UAM ecosystem and market. 


Start-ups require support to develop and go to market in the urban air mobility sector, which could produce environmental benefits, reduce congestion, and improve efficiency.

Main Objective

To boost the development of at least 10 start-ups annually from across Europe to resolve urban air mobility issues such as active mobility, sustainable logistics and mobility, clean energy and new public realm to create walkable, liveable urban environments and promote a healthy lifestyle.


At least 10 start-ups have matured to the stage where they have a market strategy, product roadmap and are investment ready.



Project lead

Camilla Wikström
Toulouse Metropole

Communication and Dissemination