Tandem Women-in-Cycling

A train-the-trainer programme for women to empower other women to bicycle in their communities

Project Description

  • Citizen Engagement
  • 1 July 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • BYCS
  • €16 500

The programme aims to address the cycling gender gap that is prevalent in many cities by providing aspiring cycling advocates with the information, tools and support to provide training to beginner and amateur women cyclists. Over time, the community of women cyclists can become an important advocacy group for the continued development of safe and convenient cycling infrastructure across the EU.

Participants complete a four-week online course followed by an in-person site visit in Brussels to visit local community cycling initiatives and participate in hands-on workshops to teach and support beginner and amateur bicyclists. The online courses include lectures to explore successful community bicycling initiatives and practical sessions on how to organise an initiative, such as defining a target audience, conducting outreach, communicating effectively, and evaluating impact. 

At the end of the programme, the participants will implement several cycling training sessions for beginner and amateur women cyclists in their own community. 

The course curriculum will be developed, evaluated and refined through this project. The curriculum and resources will be made available for others who wish to initiate a similar project in their community.


Finding effective methods to close the cycling gender gap and support local communities to increase their bicycling mode-share.

Main Objective

Participants learn how to effectively organise and run sessions to support beginner and amateur female cyclists.


Creation of a programme and the development of resources for people to implement bicycling training sessions in their communities. The content will be made available for broader dissemination and replication.



Project lead

Alex Baum