Tools for local commerce logistics

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2023
  • 31 June 2024
  • Factual Consultant
  • 833,132 €

TACTIC is creating an innovative solution that brings economic, environmental and social value to the last-mile logistics business, involving different stakeholders in the local commerce logistics chain. The solution consists of connecting local commerce, green logistics services and the end user through the development and integration of the following services and products:
• e-vehicle sharing app: app that connects local commerce (B2B) and citizens (B2C) with zero-emission vehicles for logistics purposes.
• green logistics operation: use of cargo bikes and e-vans for last-mile delivery.
• marketplace for local commerce: technology integration between an e-commerce marketplace platform and sustainable delivery service providers to offer local market users access to delivery services in sustainable vehicles.
The combination of these products will enable the development of a solution that enhances local commerce and competitiveness while promoting greener, safer, and cleaner mobility.
TACTIC is led by Factual, developed by Hermeneus World, Vanapedal and Clem-e in two living labs: Barcelona City Council and the Métropole du Grand Paris.


Provide sustainable (zero-emission) logistics services and solutions that are economically viable. Promote and enhance digitalisation and e-commerce in local markets.

Main Objective

To enhance local commerce while promoting sustainable, greener, safer and cleaner mobility services in last-mile logistics.


Green, electric and shared logistics services for local commerce deliveries through integration with an e-commerce platform.



Project lead

Marc Figuls
Factual Consulting
María Angélica Pérez Avendaño
Factual Consulting