Optimised e-scooter fleet operations

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 June 2023
  • 6 Months
  • Switch
  • €59,500

SWITCH software, for the management of shared mobility fleets, is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology which analyses and considers local events and utilises travel data and the characteristics of the city, to suggest the best distribution of vehicles based on expected mobility demand. The platform analyses flow in cities and optimises travel by providing real-time information on task status, traffic and routing that reduce operational costs.

ESCO Mobility, a micromobility fleet maintenance service provider, believed they could benefit from a dedicated mobile app connected to the SWITCH platform, providing better authentication and security features, streamlined user experience, and real-time information on task status, traffic, and routing. ESCO’s operators could access SWITCH’s advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities to optimise the distribution of vehicles and charging stations, reducing operational costs and improving the overall performance of their fleet. Improved efficiency in fleet maintenance and management services means a better service to clients.

During this project SWITCH developed an advanced operations management application tailored to the needs of shared mobility providers. The focus of this application was on streamlining the operational workflow and enhancing the efficiency of task and route management for mobility service operators.


This activity addressed the SWITCH platform for understanding mobility flow, as well as supply and demand, in order to optimise fleet maintenance, management and distribution.

Main Objective

The goal of this project was to improve the efficiency of managing micromobility fleets and provide better customer service to clients with the aim of increasing uptake.


The project resulted in an app that offers real-time information on task status, traffic and routing that will reduce operational costs, and provide optimised routing and vehicle distribution.



Project lead

Matteo Forte