STATION SOFIA –New Greenways for Old Railways

Project Description

  • New European Bauhaus
  • 1 July 2022
  • 30 November 2022
  • Urban Ideas & Design Association [operating under the brand GRADOSCOPE]
  • 15,000€

StationSofia (Stochna Gara) was once the reason for the industrialisation and residential development on the north side of the railroad in Sofia, although it is currently unused. This project planned to activate the unused heritage building and 80 hectares of wild landscape on the outskirts of Sofia city centre via sustainable urban transformation and citizen engagement. A number of collective activities transformed the infrastructure barrier into a bridge and three pilot projects have been identified to start immediately, guaranteeing a rooted, sustainable, long-term vision creation process.

The project enhanced the planning culture in Bulgaria by empowering citizens with the information and tools to get involved in decision-making processes. Through the project, several institutional stakeholders, such as the Municipality, Ministry of Transport, railway companies, international and local experts, academics and students, activists, and local actors gathered in search of new greenways for the old railways. Reusing the post-industrial heritage site offered many opportunities to find comprehensive and resilient solutions to urban problems, integrating the existing activities and current actors, and bridging the different communities around them.


The EIT Community New European Bauhaus Challenge addressed was “Re-gaining sense of community and belonging”.

Main Objective

To guide the sustainable transformation of an unused railway site and culturally important heritage buildings into an inclusive, innovative and multifunctional urban space.


Holistic discussion around a common vision for the future of this post-industrial heritage site between neighbours, institutional stakeholders, diverse experts and other actors.



Project lead

Teodora Stefanova
Urban Ideas & Design Association