Spot the Bias

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 September 2023
  • 31 December2024
  • Punkt vor Strich GmbH
  • €61,396

We all want mobility services to work well. However, people have very different mobility needs and movement patterns which are often not taken into account when planning mobility solutions. This is precisely where the Inclusive Mobility Academy comes in. This course imparts the necessary knowledge to enable learners to take the necessary steps to utilise the full potential of their solutions. Our first Spot the Bias course leads the way towards more inclusive and successful solutions.

The Spot the Bias course puts the research findings into practice and enables a wide range of perspectives to make solutions usable for different target groups. Because for a successful mobility transition, everyone needs to be involved!

Within the course participants will learn which factors shape movement patterns and mobility behaviour and the potential of inclusive and needs-orientated mobility solutions. Additionally, they will discover concrete options for action to overcome existing gender gaps and biases in their mobility solution through an application-oriented approach with access to many best and worst practice examples.


The main goal of this project is to improve gender equality and inclusion in mobility. Although gender is the main focus, its relations to age, class, physical ability, race, and other dimensions are addressed as well, as they also influence mobility patterns and needs.

Main Objective

We aim to make use of the full potential of mobility services and eradicate the internal biases in order to reach all target groups. This course will specifically show the potential of gender-informed solutions and how to overcome current biases in mobility services.


The Spot the Bias course is the first of its kind for our Academy, with an effort to create more inclusive mobility solutions. This course is provided as a one-day course specifically for individual companies or teams and will also be available in an online format starting in June 2024.



Project lead

Lina Mosshammer
Punkt vor Strich GmbH
Claudia Falkinger
Punkt vor Strich GmbH