Multi-sustainable digital loading and delivery zones for city logistics

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
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  • €981 082

The S+LOADZ project is building and deploying a cost-effective digital platform provided by Parkunload to control, regulate, and remotely monitor curbside spaces to improve the management of temporary parking of logistics vehicles. Pilots will be initiated in Paris, France, and Ankara, Istanbul, as well as mid-size cities such as Vic in Spain, and Argenteuil within the Greater Metropolitan Area of Paris, to test varying conditions and address different challenges specific to each location. 

The project will evaluate several types of digital loading and delivery zones in different countries and cities, demonstrating on-street scenarios to assess the operational, regulatory and technical conditions needed to make urban logistics more sustainable and scalable in Europe. 


Create more liveable and safer urban spaces, and reduce congestion, pollution, noise.

Main Objective

To manage the high demand for logistics parking spaces by achieving a 30% increase in parking rotation and availability, 50% reduction in illegal parking and an improved economic situation for cities as curbside spaces are used more effectively.


Design and implementation of a digital software platform and associated app to manage curbside spaces tested in four pilot cities.



Project lead

Marc Figuls
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María Angélica Pérez Avendaño
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