Advanced active safety solutions for micromobility vehicles

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • €1 005 625

The RideSafeUM project is helping prevent micromobility accidents. People riding scooters, cyclists, and skateboarders can use an app on their phones to view real-time regulatory information that could help them to avoid potential collisions with pedestrians, cars, delivery vans, taxis and other road users.  

A system that comprises the integration of computer-vision software, a camera, GPS and an accelerometer will form the basis of the app. Meanwhile, a city dashboard will enable authorities to identify and manage micromobility safety issues. If an accident occurs, alerts will be sent to the emergency services using data recorded by a black box. This data could also assist the authorities to make better decisions and be used to feed into policy. 

Pilot tests are currently being conducted in Barcelona, Spain, Rome in Italy, and Thessaloniki, Greece. 


Prevention of road accidents by micromobility users, and more data to assist cities in making decisions and shaping road regulations and policy.

Main Objective

To improve road safety and reduce accidents caused by micromobility users and produce real-time data for city administrators to use.


An operational dashboard comprising a software platform that collects data from micromobility users for analysis and management purposes, and the associated phone app.



Project lead

Irene Cobian Martin
Manel Davins Jovells