Remaking the Street 

A course on how to design and implement street experiments including visits to tactical urban sites in Amsterdam and Munich

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 31 January 2021
  • 9 Months
  • Humankind
  • €183 275

Remaking the Street is a hands-on summer school programme where students learn how street experiments can make small changes to public spaces that lead to big impacts on a citizen’s quality of life. Street experiments can improve the liveability of public spaces by reducing pollution and noise, improving safety, and giving communities a sense of ownership. 

Students complete a two-week online course followed by a two-week in-person study tour visiting current street experiments in Amsterdam and Munich to learn about the rapidly changing streetscapes. The final project challenges students to pitch an original street experiment to an expert jury.  

Modules consist of online coursework taught by experts from EIT Urban Mobility projects. The curriculum will also use content from selected massive online open courses (MOOC) and the Street Visualisation Tools short course, and new content produced will be added to existing MOOCs. 


Discovering new ways to design streetscapes that benefit local businesses and the transportation network.

Main Objective

Students learn the benefits of street experiments at a summer school and have an opportunity to create their own street experiment.


Creation of a summer school program where students to gain both academic and practical training to implement street experiments in their home city. Original content will be added to existing MOOCs.



Project lead

Lior Steinberg
Benjamin Buettner
Technical University of Munich