RealEstate MOOC

Real estate and urban mobility massive open online course (MOOC)

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 October 2023
  • 30 September 2024
  • RMIT Europe
  • €35,670

RMIT Europe and EIT Urban Mobility offer an innovative real estate and urban mobility massive open online course (MOOC), hosted on online learning platform FutureLearn. The course is tailored for professionals from city authorities, public institutions, companies, and NGOs looking to enhance their expertise in urban mobility.

Real estate and urban mobility play a crucial role in shaping social aspects, such as public health, social equity, and community cohesion. The course will address these dimensions, empowering professionals to develop solutions thatpromote accessibility, safety, and inclusivity in urban areas. Learners will explore topics like real estate development, public transportation, and community engagement, understanding the profound social benefits of well-designed urban mobility systems.

Participants will explore the essential elements that contribute to real estate and urban mobility and gain an understanding of the key factors that contribute to fostering efficient and inclusive urban transportation systems, including infrastructure, connectivity, accessibility, and land use planning.

Through active learning and practical application, learners will engage in interactive activities, analyse real-life case studies, and gain insights from expert interviews, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively. This course aims to equip professionals with the necessary skills to drive positive changes in real estate and urban mobility practices

This fully online asynchronous and self-directed course aims to provide a well-balanced and engaging learning experience for learners.


E-course massive open online course production.

Main Objective

Closing the knowledge gap on urban mobility.


Real estate and mobility massive open online course launched in March 2024.



Project lead

Karen Matthews
RMIT Europe
Spiros Soulis
RMIT Europe