Lugoj – For kids, by kids

Project Description

  • New European Bauhaus
  • 10 September 2021
  • 25 November 2021
  • Local Development Institute
  • 15 000€

The project “Lugoj: For kids, by kids” improved the public space in the town of Lugoj, Romania through an innovative grassroots approach, by connecting pupils with the public administration.

The main objectives of “Lugoj – For kids, by kids” was to co-identify -together with students- the obstacles children face when cycling to school, in using the relevant urban infrastructures, and co-creating solutions to these challenges. The secondary aim of the pupil engagement phase was to stimulate their participation and involvement in the decision-making processes of their school by forming a long-term working group to deal with school projects.

All the project outcomes and solutions proposed and the interactive maps were delivered to the municipality of Lugoj in order to take action in the future and improve the infrastructure. The project outcomes, including the solutions and the challenges will be integrated into the Sustainable Urban Mobility Development Strategy of Lugoj.


To engage citizens and enhance the public realm, accessibility, and interconnection through active mobility modalities, to mitigate air pollution and improve physical and mental health.

Main Objective

To identify the obstacles pupils face in cycling to school and to stimulate their participation and involvement in the decision-making process of their school.


Visualised ArcGIS based Interactive and Story Maps, which contain all the problematic areas identified and analysed, as well as the proposed solutions.



Project lead

Mihai Ionita
Local Development Institute