An intelligent pedestrian assistant for everyone

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • Technical University Munich
  • €750 000

The IPA2X project is helping to achieve zero accidents and decrease fatalities in urban areas. It will improve pedestrian safety by implementing a service of autonomous robots to assist pedestrians cross streets, notify nearby vehicles of the pedestrians’ movements, and identify obstacles on footpaths, bike paths and roads that may hinder pedestrian movements. In particular, the robots will assist people with limited mobility such as parents with young children, wheelchair users, and elderly people. User feedback will be solicited over the course of the project to improve the service. 


Improved pedestrian and cyclist safety and a significantly reduced number of road accidents and deaths.

Main Objective

Increase the safety of pedestrians, especially children and older people, by building an autonomous robot and associated operating system to facilitate crossing roads safely.


An autonomous robot composed of an intelligent rover with safe integration of AI technologies with real-time capabilities, and development of a human-machine interface to increase the chances of acceptance and accessibility of autonomous robot technologies in broader society.



Project lead

Andrea Bastoni
Technical University of Munich