Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) retrofit solutions for cities and regions

A digital system that enforces vehicles to adhere to speed limits

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 May 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • Tractebel Engineering
  • €474 563

Speeding is the major cause of traffic accidents. As of this year, new vehicles have to be equipped with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems that make sure that a vehicle does not exceed the legal speed limit. From 2024, this regulation will extend to all new vehicles imported into the EU region. 

As vehicles have an average life cycle between 6 and 11.5 years, it will take time to see real impact. The ISA-FIT project aims to provide a retrofit ISA solution for urban environments to speed up implementation and will test a retrofit ISA system in the City of Helmond in the Netherlands in 15 ISA-vehicles. Data will be collected from scenarios testing the quality of the service, driver acceptance, and behavioural outcomes.

A European strategy will also be developed to scale-up ISA implementation focusing on cooperation with speed limit databases, deployment standards, and procurement strategies. At the end of the project, a ready-to-market ISA retrofit product will be launched. 


Improve road safety enhancement, enforce speed limitations and reduce car accidents and deaths resulting from vehicles overspeeding.

Main Objective

To test a retrofit ISA system, provide tangible outputs on the potential for safety and user acceptance and create a European implementation strategy for cities.


A retrofitting plan of ISA-FIT for the existing cars in the EU, a new ISA-FIT system tool installation for the cars starting in 2024 and a step-by-step procurement plan.



Project lead

Sven Vlassenroot
Tractebel Engineering