Inclusiv_eBike aims to develop and demonstrate a new concept of rickshaw e-bikes capable to promote safety and comfort by extending inclusiveness to frail and vulnerable people that have seen their mobility and physical activity strongly reduced due to COVID risk associated to transport.

Project Description

  • COVID19 Special 2020
  • 1 July 2020
  • 6 months
  • Tecnalia
  • € 699,225
Improving frail people personal mobility providing them with an e-bike tandem cycling experience, assuring social distancing and creating new jobs.


Inclusiv_eBike is offering a safer and more comfortable cycling vehicle that will significantly enlarge the use of eBikes within cities, contributing to workers wellbeing, while assuring social distancing. InclusiveBike can offer urban personalised transport to people with limited mobility, allowing as well freight transport for last mile delivery of goods.

Main Objective

Inclusiv_eBike envisions a new electric vehicle for personalised transport capable to respond to the demands for less energy consumption, affordable automated micro mobility that might represent a boost to effectiveness plan, enhancing SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans) and transition to new self-driving personalised micro mobility services.


The project team will deliver a new Inclusiv_eBike prototype that includes several innovations capable to improve safety, comfort and accessibility, while supporting policies promoting re-use of public spaces, promotion of cycling infrastructure and bike to work ecosystem. Improving COVID-19 resilience intrinsic capacity while empowering frail people's mobility.



Project lead

Unai Antero