HCG€ Value

Digital economic analysis tool for urban planning changes

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 6 November 2023
  • 6 November 2024
  • Bax & Company
  • €320,000

The Healthy Cities Generator is a cutting-edge tool designed to help cities assess the health impact of their urban plans and make informed decisions to improve physical, mental, and environmental health. To enhance effective decision-making further, the project consortium will develop and introduce an innovative economic impact analysis module (HCG€) to the existing tool. HCG€ will calculate the economic value of life expectancy improvements associated with the health impacts estimated by the tool. The HCG€ will help decision-makers prioritise investments that benefit citizen health and the economy, while reducing healthcare costs. Scaling the HCG€ to over 90 cities by 2028 will help users make urban planning decisions and introduce evidence-based policy that fosters livable, healthy urban spaces throughout Europe.


Use of the new tool by cities to compare, understand, and advocate for investments that promote the uptake of health-effective urban interventions to improve the public realm and encourage active mobility.

Main Objective

HCG€ will empower EU cities with the economic and health-related evidence needed to prioritise people-centric healthy urban planning actions.


The project will design, develop, test and market an innovative, user-friendly digital tool based on evidence and cities’ needs, to value the economic impact of health improvements stemming from urban planning changes.



Project lead

Amber De La Haye
Bax & Company
Ruth Gow
Bax & Company