The Greenovate project revitalized and beautified the centre of the town of Kozani

Project Description

  • New European Bauhaus
  • 1 July 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • Entrepreneurship Support Foundation
  • 45,000€

The Greenovate project revitalized and beautified the centre of the town of Kozani, adding greening space through window boxes and large planters in the main thoroughfares of the centre and on the pedestrian places across the town’s market area. All materials used for the creation of the Green Corners came from upcycling material thus promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

The main feature of the Greenovate project was engagement with local businesses and young students not only in the planning and preparation phase but also by adapting the green space to ensure preservation, daily care, and a sense of belonging.

Education about the environmental, social, and economic benefits was offered to the students in innovative lessons about the principles of the circular economy and sustainability. Their active involvement created practical business cases for the project execution.


The EIT Community New European Bauhaus Challenge addressed were “Re-connecting with nature” and “Re-gaining sense of community and belonging”.

Main Objective

For Kozani citizens to radically change the natural environment of their town centre through a new mindset based on stewardship and sense of belonging.


Local companies, students and business owners promoted sustainability through upcycling elements that improve the look, feel and air quality of the centre.



Project lead

Dimitris Kouras
Entrepreneurship Support Foundation (JOIN4CS)