Multimodal journey planner for sustainable travel

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2024
  • 31 December 2024
  • €511,722

The GreenMob project aims to address urban mobility challenges by promoting sustainable transport options and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by motorised trips. GreenMob proposes a journey planner that integrates various modes of transport providing comprehensive information on routes, schedules, fares, and updates in real-time, as well as the innovative integration of a CO2 monitoring tool that automatically recognises the mode of transport used and calculates emissions, allowing consumers to make informed decisions. By offering a user-friendly interface that calculates and shows CO2 emissions associated with city trips, the project intends to increase awareness and support ecologically responsible transportation options for city travel. Tests will be conducted in the cities of Cesena, Italy; Viladecans, Spain; and Debrecen, Hungary to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the solution.


The challenge of future mobility will be addressed by improving accessibility and providing efficient service and vehicle management; fostering European-wide interoperability across systems by integrating public and commercial mobility services.

Main Objective

GreenMob aims to promote sustainable transport options and reduce CO2 emissions, and to increase awareness and support eco-friendly transportation.


The activity will provide a technological solution that automatically recognises the mode of transport used and calculates emissions by piloting the tool in three European cities: Viladecans, Cesena, and Debrecen.



Project lead

Paloma Nieri