Four-wheeled EV scooter to fast-track last-mile urban deliveries

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2024
  • 31 December 2024
  • €632,222

The GreenDash project aims to address the challenges faced by European cities and delivery companies in terms of air and noise pollution, congestion, and road accidents; caused by the rapid increase in e-commerce and last-mile deliveries. The parcel and e-commerce market needs delivery vehicle options which are sustainable, efficient, affordable and easy to use. Cities, in turn, seek to balance liveability, walkability and safety of public spaces with the new ways that people shop and receive goods. In this project Rhino R (Bruntor), PostNord and Latvian Post, with support from two mission city partners, will develop and test a cargo electric vehicle (EV) scooter to improve the last-mile delivery model.
The end result will be demonstrated efficiency, ride-ability and commercialisation of a model of cargo EV Scooter with Bruntor. Additionally, the project aims to provide saved costs, a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions and improved operations for last-mile deliveries through work with Post Nord and Latvian Post. Lastly, policy guidelines for e-commerce delivery optimisation in cities will come out of the pilots in Aarhus, Denmark and Riga, Latvia.


GreenDash aims to address the challenge presented by the growing demand for last mile delivery, which is expected to grow 78% globally by 2030.

Main Objective

The project aims to improve the performance of EV cargo scooters in line with customer input in Riga, Latvia through partnership with Latvia Post and Aarhus, Denmark’s work with PostNord.


Product testing in three different stages allows for product optimisation across a variety of urban conditions; including varied surfaces, seasons and relief terrains.



Project lead

Viesturs Celmins
Raimonds Jurgelis