Engaging kids in the design, testing and implementation of DIY urban spaces

Project Description

  • Public Realm
  • 1 January 2022
  • 12 Months
  • €200 000

Cities are envisioning a change in the use of public space. Urban areas previously occupied or used by private cars are being transformed into public spaces, a welcome change for kids. Yet children are generally excluded from the design and planning phases of these projects. Hence, the FURNISH-KIDS initiative aims to redesign urban spaces that will be tailored to children’s needs. Using a collaborative process to gain insights from local communities in Milan and Barcelona, FURNISH-KIDS will create prototypes in public spaces to be tested by children, as well as an urban living lab experience. 


FURNISH-KIDS will redesign public spaces focusing on children’s needs which are often overlooked in urban planning.

Main Objective

Using a participatory design methodology, FURNISH-KIDS aims to include children in the urban planning process.


To prove an urban living lab methodology to co-design, co-fabricate, implement, and test, urban elements in a new pedestrian-friendly public space.



Project lead

Inés Aquilué Junyent