Implementation of dynamic curbside management solutions to improve sustainable city logistics operations

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • CTAG – Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia
  • €713 682

FlexCurb is a set of application programme interfaces (APIs) that allow creation of a digital inventory of a city’s curb regulations, so they can visualise and analyse the patterns of curb allocation and use, as well as to adapt and communicate curb regulations.

The FlexCurb package is composed of two products targeting two types of end users. The first is a city platform for digitalisation and management of curb regulations. The second is a mobile app so commercial drivers can access up-to-date information about curb conditions and available spaces.

FlexCurb is a package of digital tools that help cities and companies use and manage curb space in a flexible way. It provides a solution to digitally control and balance the use of public space, enabling the transition towards flexible use and management of the curb. Therefore, the curb space can be shared and optimised to serve the needs of different users.

Through a pilot phase in partnership with four European cities – Leuven, Funchal, Strasbourg, and Toulouse – the project aims to demonstrate the administrative, environmental, and commercial benefits of moving to a digitally-managed and compliant curbside. 


Reduction of pollution and congestion, promoting better allocation of public space and safer streets.

Main Objective

To demonstrate the administrative, environmental and commercial benefits of a digitally-managed and compliant curbside system that will lower traffic congestion, optimise curbside spaces in cities, and result in more efficient last-mile logistics, and potential cost savings.


The FlexCURB platform and driver app demonstrated in four living labs across Europe.



Project lead

David Fernandez
CTAG – Automotive Technology Center of Galicia