Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 August 2023
  • 31 July 2024
  • Elonroad AB
  • €642,498

Elonroad will test their automated electric vehicle (EV) point-to-point charging solution through a commercial urban logistics project, in collaboration with tele-driving specialists, Elmo, based in Estonia. This testing will verify both the efficacy of the solution, and the pre-market improvements, showcasing the superior capabilities of fully automated, road-based charging in supporting automated (and other) electric urban transport. The aim is to increase the technology readiness level of Elonroad’s existing Model 1 stationary charging solution to level 9 and to conduct a real-life demonstration with Elmo in urban tele-driving operations, establishing interest for further commercial agreements.


Automated charging addresses range limitations, spatial issues, operational downtime, costly batteries, dependence on metals and rare minerals, and the slow roll-out of charging infrastructure.

Main Objective

This project aims to improve the technology solution to full market-readiness, test in a real-life environment, and collect feedback from end-customers with the target of further commercialisation.


The activity will result in a successful completion of the in-situ demonstration, a final evaluation workshop with end users, and a finalised product/solution/service.