Energy & Public Realm Accelerator

Support for up to 20 start-ups addressing mobility and energy issues, and creating public realm

Project Description

  • Impact Ventures
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2023
  • Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd.
  • €699 000

The Public Realm Accelerator supports start-ups working on mobility- and energy-related activities to improve the quality of life for residents in European cities. The Accelerator, through interventions created by its start-ups, aims to achieve better design, use and management of public spaces through socially innovative, inclusive, environmentally sustainable and accessible solutions.

Specifically, the programme will address the following challenges – transport safety, e-mobility, parking spaces, connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and congestion caused by delivery and logistics, as well as associated health aspects. 


To produce innovative mobility solutions to create more liveable public spaces and improve the wellbeing of residents by addressing energy- and mobility-related issues.

Main Objective

Support start-ups to expand into international markets by helping them with business development, promotion and marketing them within the EIT network, and assist them to find more funding.


Support for up to 20 early-stage start-ups focusing on creating public realm, and mobility and energy issues in 2022-2023.



Project lead

Krisztina Koncz
Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd.
Marcell Romsics
Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd.