Energy and Public Realm Accelerator

Project Description

  • Impact Ventures
  • 1 January 2023
  • 31 December 2023
  • Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd.
  • 374 500 €

The Energy and Public Realm Accelerator focuses on mobility- and energy-related activities that improve the public realm and citizen’s lives in European cities. By supporting start-ups working in the area of public realm, energy and mobility, the project aims to achieve a better design, use and management of public spaces through socially innovative, inclusive, environmentally sustainable and accessible solutions. This contributes to the liveability and sustainability of European cities and has a long-term positive societal impact on the development and use of public spaces. The challenges in urban living that the programme addresses include transport safety; e-mobility; parking; connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists; congestion caused by delivery and logistics; and all related aspects of health.


The EIT Urban Mobility Public Realm Accelerator provides support for innovative mobility solutions focusing on creating a better public space and improving the wellbeing of residents by addressing energy- and mobility-related aspects.

Main Objective

1. Boost start-ups towards international market expansion with business development. 2. Promote and market start-ups within the EIT network. 3. Support start-ups with international cooperation.


As a primary outcome, the programme will identify at least 50 quality applicants from across Europe with a range of gender diversity by the end of the two-month open call; will accelerate in two years up to 20 startups with solutions related to creating public realm, mobility and energy that have been tested in a lab or have a prototype demonstrated in an operational environment. Every year, Energy & Public Realm accelerator will recommend 4 start-ups to invest to EIT Urban Mobility.



Project lead

Krisztina Koncz
Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd
Marcell Romsics
Zone Cluster Nonprofit Ltd