CoolCo’s – Cooling corners and corridors

The ‘cooling corner and corridor project aims to open public spaces, build community and share knowledge related to heat adaptation.

Project Description

  • New European Bauhaus
  • 1 June 2024
  • 6 moths
  • Mobilissimus
  • €50,000

Europe’s rapidly rising temperatures change our cities to boiling and unliveable spaces in which vulnerable communities suffer more with devastating consequences; heat-related deaths are higher among these populations. Additionally, as most public spaces are overly dedicated to recreational or hospitality uses that target primarily wealthier groups, vulnerable social groups’ use of public space is mostly limited. The ‘cooling corner and corridor’ (referred to as CoolCo’s) project aims to open public spaces, build community and share knowledge related to heat adaptation. The project provides a unique approach of small-scale and low-cost urban design interventions and the modular, easily implemented heat adaptation solution, aims to target the most vulnerable groups: elderly people, children, pregnant women, non-native speakers of the local language and low-income households. By involving disproportionately affected communities in the design process, we are able to provide information and knowledge about their community and individual adaptation opportunities. Moreover, they contribute valuable local insights that enable positive changes to shape public space.


The CoolCo’s project targets two main challenges in cities: the increasing frequency and intensity of heatwaves and social inequalities.

Main Objective

The activities aim to provide inclusive adaptation opportunities; regardless of age, gender, social status or nationality. CoolCo’s aim to decrease inequalities between social groups in adaptation; to create accessible public spaces.


The project will provide inclusive public space transformation with modular urban furniture co-designed by residents, civic organisations and local governmental organisations.



Project lead

Zsófia Anna Ghira