Coding the Curbs

Coding the Curbs: Bookable Loading Zones

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2023
  • 31 December 2023
  • Coding the Curbs
  • 374,800€

Urban logistics management urgently needs to evolve. Congestion, pollution and the increasing pressure on space in inner cities are becoming critical. For cities this means managing scarce public space in a sustainable and efficient way. For logistics, this means going from ‘first come first serve’ and a ‘jungle’ to booking guaranteed spaces and ‘pay per use’.

The project will co-create with carriers, cities and citizens, offering clear incentives and engagement. The project will pilot an innovative scalable platform for bookable loading zones. Pricing, incentives and enforcement will directly result in a better use of loading zones, more efficient logistics, including a 20% reduction in kilometres driven and an incentive for clean and safe transport. The pilot uses live (camera) monitoring, analytics, algorithms and co-creation to improve the current system.


More sustainable, more manageable and better logistics operating systems are needed to tackle the issues of space and pollution in today’s cities.

Main Objective

Coding the Curbs will prepare cities for zero-emission zones, new revenue streams and more liveable cities.


1. Scalable platform for booking Smart Zones. 2. Data analysis tool for measuring the impact of Smart Zones. 3. Handbook for implementing Smart Zones.



Project lead

Iskandar Tange
Coding the Curbs