Cleanergy 4 Micromobility 

Cable-less and renewable energy docks for e-scooters

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • Factual Consulting
  • €1 254 870

The rise of shared e-scooters in cities reduces car usage and helps achieve sustainable mobility goals but challenges related to shared public space between pedestrians, cyclists and micromobility users, operating costs, and ensuring clean sources of energy persist. 

To this end, Cleanergy will develop a dock for e-scooters that can be easily replicated and placed in multiple locations within a city.  

Key features include solar panel strips with an off-grid battery storage system to provide renewable energy for the docking stations, located on the pavement next to the stations. The docks also offer a cable-less e-scooter device that locks the e-scooters, only giving access to authorised users which prevents theft and vandalism, and adequate helmet storage space. 

Through pilots in Barcelona, Spain, the city of Thessalonki in Greece, and the megacity Istanbul in Turkey, data on energy consumption, demand for micromobility, micromobility patterns, performance of the e-scooters and docks, and user behaviour, will be gathered to form future interventions and regulations to guide use of e-scooters and dock stations. 


Improved use of public space so e-scooter drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and other users can co-exist harmoniously, reduction of operating costs caused by charging and vandalism issues, and a reliable source of clean energy established.

Main Objective

The project will create e-scooter docks to address current issues related to e-scooter expansion in urban areas.


Develop docks for e-scooters, off-grid solar panels to charge e-scooters in the docks, and cable-less devices that help prevent theft and vandalism.



Project lead

Víctor Moyano
Factual Consulting. S.L.