Public transport scenario-based decision support tool

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 August 2023
  • 30 April 2024
  • Parabol
  • €377,124

Cermoni is an innovative public transport product that has reached the technology readiness level (TRL) 7 level of development. However, public transport operators (PTOs) in the market have expressed a need for scenario-based analysis capabilities, which are currently missing from the product. This activity aims to further develop and test Cermoni with a scenario analysis feature to optimise public transport operations and improve the passenger experience, making the product ready for the market. Through this tool, PTOs can optimise operations based on different scenarios affecting public transport demand, such as regular and irregular events. The tool will provide insights to improve operations, minimise financial losses during demand changes, and enhance the overall passenger experience; allowing them to adapt quickly and efficiently. The activity’s objectives include developing an affordable and flexible tool for PTOs, optimising service levels, and minimising financial losses during demand changes.

The pilot implementation of the public transport scenario-based decision support tool is ongoing in Antalya, Turkey and Vignola, Italy with the cooperation of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Comune di Vignola. The pilot test involves the following:

  • The collection and analysis of demand data and data related to regular and irregular events, road closures, and public transportation priority roads,
  • Implementation of the tool’s timetable, vehicle, and crew scheduling modules for public transport operations,
  • Evaluation of the tool by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Comune di Vignola.


Big data is an important input for PTOs to plan their operations, but there is a big financial barrier to using them in many cases.

Main Objective

Allow PTOs in Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries to become more competitive with the help of dedicated software.


An affordable tool for PTOs that will provide insights on how to optimise operations, minimise losses during demand fluctuations and enhance the overall passenger experience.



Project lead

Metin Barış
Elif Çora