Delivering systems that can complement existing traffic management centres (TMCs) is essential for successfully changing behaviour. CELESTE seeks to work both on technological solutions

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 01 April 2021
  • 7 months
  • CTAG - Automotive Technology Center of Galicia
  • € 1,138,297.00

Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems, which will become mandatory for all vehicles commercialised in the EU from 2022, enable speed alerts and, in some cases, automatic speed reduction and compliance. However, there are some issues that need resolving to support their correct use: 

• What is the appropriate speed limit for a particular area of the city? 

• Do changing conditions make those speed limits at times too high or too low? 

• How to modify and ensure real-time compliance of a speed limit? 

• How to assist traffic managers in achieving such compliance? 

Delivering systems that can complement existing traffic management centres (TMCs) is essential for successfully changing behaviour. CELESTE seeks to work both on technological solutions (including connected signals, extended data models and vehicle technology) and evaluation tools that can be transferred beyond the partner cities. The project will also materialise the solutions into functional prototypes thus delivering value globally to both project partners and EIT. 


CELESTE aims to address excessive vehicle speed limits and improve driver compliance within cities to increase citizen safety and reduce pollution.

Main Objective

CELESTE aims to analyse the current synergies between dynamic speed limits and ISAs and define traffic management solutions.


CELESTE will develop a speed limit enforcement system and recommended advisory solutions to ensure real-time regulatory compliance.



Project lead

Raúl Urbano Escobar
CTAG - Automotive Technology Center of Galicia