BOUT x Paris

MaaS platform for water transportation

Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 June 2023
  • 6 Months
  • Bout
  • €59,500

In many cities the water transportation system is fragmented and underutilised, with a high number of individual players. As currently most water transportation operators sell their services through individual websites and agencies, it is difficult for supply to meet demand.

Bout functions as a digital marketplace for passenger water transportation and strives to make booking transportation on the waterways as easy as it is on the roads. The Bout app enables passengers to see available water transport options and book through the single app. Bout’s centralised service functions as a sales channel that allows the better management of demand and supply, reducing the amount of empty travel and increasing passenger use of urban waterways.

The Bout solution enables the increased efficiency of water transportation and transparency of operators. After highly successful rollouts in Finland and Sweden, Bout piloted its solution in Paris. The Paris pilot worked with numerous boats and operators to test the product, and business model, within the local environment. The solution significantly modernised the purchase process and experience from a customer perspective while enabling service providers to connect to new customers more easily.


This project addresses the fragmented water transportation market to increase the uptake of waterborne mobility.

Main Objective

The activity aimed to improve the efficiency of water transportation, reducing the amount of empty travel and increasing the transparency of operators.


The activity resulted in a MaaS platform that allows customers to search, find, book and pay for water transportation all in one app.