Project Description

  • Innovation
  • 1 January 2024
  • 31 December 2024
  • Kentyou
  • €579,999

Cities are responsible for about 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions and road transportation accounts for about a quarter of those emissions. Furthermore, hours wasted in traffic congestion costs Europe €110 billion per year. These costs, in addition the air pollution-related health issues, add up to several hundred billion euros per year. And most importantly, 20,000 people die annually in accidents on European roads, about 40% of which occur in cities and 50% at intersections.

Intersections play a very important environmental, economic and social role in urban environments but are also key bottlenecks and prone to fatal accidents. Thus, the project AI4LIFE aims to build an integrated AI-based smart intersection management system that will reduce congestion, (thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and time wasted in traffic), reduce accidents, and increase the quality of life of citizens.

The project will integrate solutions from two complementary enterprises: ISBAK and Kentyou. ISBAK, the municipal company of Istanbul, will bring the internet of things (IoT) infrastructure and an innovative adaptive signalised intersection management system to AI4LIFE. And Kentyou, an innovative award-winning startup, will bring its interoperable AI-driven data platform and a tool for visualisation and decision-making support.

The integrated solution will be validated in two complementary pilot cities: Istanbul, Turkey and Jena, Germany. The project will also build a commercialisation strategy to scale the solution in Europe and beyond.


AI4LIFE is addressing the future mobility challenge to improve traffic flow and safety, with enhanced user experience both for citizens and the mobility management operators.

Main Objective

The objective of AI4LIFE is to reduce traffic congestions and accidents in urban areas, ultimately increasing the quality of life of its citizens.


The main output of AI4LIFE will be an integrated intersection management system composed of IoT devices and a software tool enabling data-driven decision making for sustainable mobility.



Project lead

Levent Gürgen