Pre-qualification notice: EIT Community Officer of the EIT Community RIS Hub in Türkiye

By the present procurement procedure, EIT Urban Mobility is aiming to identify a provider/contractor who can deliver services as an EIT Community Officer of the EIT Community RIS Hub in Türkiye. The role of a EIT Community Officer is to run and coordinate the EIT Community RIS Hub.

As EIT RIS is receiving a stronger mandate and additional resources under the EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) 2021-2027, the EIT has published a set of minimum standards and guiding principles for the EIT RIS Hubs to serve as a common strategic approach, which underpins the establishment and operation of all EIT RIS Hubs from 2023.

At the core of these minimum standards and guiding principles there is a framework which encourages and facilitates the gradual launch of EIT Community RIS Hubs to cover all EIT RIS eligible countries and territories by the end of 2025. Each EIT Community RIS Hub will be run and coordinated by an EIT Community Officer chosen by the EIT Community Strategic Regional Innovation Cluster.

Check the Pre-qualification Notice here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Letter of Interest Application Form.

New deadline for submissions: 13 May 2024, 16:00 CET