Investment Readiness Programme

Apply until 7 April 2024

What is EIT Urban Mobility Investment Readiness Programme?

The EIT Urban Mobility Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) is an acceleration programme designed for European companies in the field of urban mobility currently fundraising or planning to fundraise throughout 2024 or 2025.

With access to a wide network of business angels, venture capital, corporate, institutional investors and European funding organizations, the programme aims to:

  • Enhance the fundraising capabilities of these companies by providing them with resources, training, and coaching over a period of six months.
  • Facilitates networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, mentors, corporates, and investors, fostering partnerships and creating new market opportunities.

The IRP offers the following activities:


Startup funding needs assessment


Deal attractiveness assessment


Training sessions including workshops on risk mitigation, equity finance essentials, start-up law, start-up psychology, pitch training, funding opportunities, European grants, how to attract the right investment, etc.


Personalised consultancy on investment readiness


Pitch training and coaching


Help desk for technical questions about fundraising matters until the end of December 2024


Term-sheet knowledge assessment


Investment readiness documentation assessment and preparation


Access to the knowledge centre with investment documentation templates


Networking with peers and other urban mobility entrepreneurs


Matchmaking with investors

Who can apply?

European (and HE Associated countries) fast-growing innovative planning to raise capital in the next 24 months, that need training and advice to become more investment ready.

Which are the eligible urban mobility sectors?

Future Mobility

  • Micromobility (Micro-EV, Electric Mobility Devices [EMDs], etc.)
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Connected Vehicles and Vehicle to Everything (V2x)
  • Vehicle Marketplaces and Aftermarket


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage (Battery technology, etc.)
  • Energy Providers
  • EV Charging
  • Clean Energy (Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, Bioenergy, etc.)

Logistics & Delivery

  • Logistics Infrastructure (cargo distribution & storage, monitoring & control, microhubs)
  • Urban & Suburban deliveries (local distribution networks, business models, demand forecasting (predictive analytics), routing & tracking, reverse logistics)

Smart Cities

  • Urban Planning
  • Public Safety, Prediction and Mitigation
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste Solution
  • Waterborne
  • Construction & Maintenance

Mobility Services

  • Navigation & Mapping
  • Sensors and Monitoring Infrastructure
  • Parking Solutions

Finance & Insurance


asked questions

What are the conditions?

As part of the EIT Urban Mobility Investment Readiness Programme (IRP), EIT Urban Mobility requires participating companies to allocate 1% of their equity to EIT Urban Mobility. This 1% equity subscription is mandatory for all companies accepted into the programme.

In addition to the mandatory 1% equity, participating companies have the option to receive a financial support of €10,000. In exchange for this financial support, companies are required to allocate an additional 1% of their total shares to EIT Urban Mobility. Therefore, by the end of the programme, companies that choose to receive the €10,000 financial support will have issued a total of 2% of their fully diluted shares to EIT Urban Mobility.

Furthermore, participating companies can request a larger financial support of up to €40,000. In exchange for this larger financial support, they would need to allocate 4% of their total shares on top of the initial 1% required to enter the programme. The maximum equity that participating companies can give out in exchange for their participation in the IRP programme is 5%.

Where is the IRP taking place?

All activities will be held online. There will be no travel required.

What are the advantages of EIT Urban Mobility IRP?

IRP will prepare selected companies for fundraising by reducing the investment risk in exchange for minimum equity. Having EIT Urban Mobility as a shareholder provides access to additional funding opportunities, increases company valuation and protects the company in negotiation with other investors.

Will EIT Urban Mobility sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with selected companies?

EIT Urban Mobility will not sign an NDA with the companies participating in the IRP.

What happens after the IRP is over?

Participants in the EIT Urban Mobility Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) will have the opportunity to become equity portfolio companies of EIT Urban Mobility. The final decision will be made by EIT Urban Mobility upon completion of the programme, based on the evaluation of the company's performance and potential.

EIT Urban Mobility’s equity portfolio companies benefit from exclusive access to the largest mobility network of mentors, investors and stakeholders, as well as dedicated trainings, grants and investment opportunities.

What if the IRP does not accept your application?

Applicants are encouraged to reapply when the next IRP batch call is announced, so as participation in other programmes ran by EIT Urban Mobility.