Horizon Lab

Supporting partners, cutting-edge researchers, and innovators in identifying, applying for, and securing external European funding for urban mobility projects.

About us

Horizon Lab (formerly The Action and Impact Group) was launched in June 2021 as part of EIT Urban Mobility’s Innovation Programme. The initiative supports and expands the financial and strategic value for EIT Urban Mobility's community by targeting external funding especially for early and mid-TRL innovation and research actions.

The EIT Urban Mobility Foundation hosts the Horizon Lab, which supports EIT Urban Mobility partners, cutting-edge researchers, and innovators in identifying, applying for, and securing external European funding for urban mobility projects. All of Horizon Lab’s activities cover EIT Urban Mobility’s Challenge Areas and are complementary to the organisation’s mission of creating more liveable places, tackling urban challenges, and accelerating change.

How Horizon Lab operates

Horizon Lab scans and pre-identifies calls in European funding Programmes like Horizon Europe (HE), Digital Europe (DE),
and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) that are aligned with EIT Urban Mobility’s strategic objectives. Relevant calls are
shared with EIT Urban Mobility’s ecosystem, kicking off a series of activities aimed at supporting our community in submitting successful proposals.

The scope of Horizon Lab’s engagement is based on the category of the pre-identified call. Have a look at the role of
Horizon Lab for each of the categories below.


Engagement of Horizon Lab

Both EIT Urban Mobility partners will submit jointly
EIT Urban Mobility as a contributing partner
Both EIT Urban Mobility supports the creation of new consortia, and developing concepts for proposals
No direct involvement
Letter of support of EIT Urban Mobility

Submitting a successful proposal takes time. Horizon Lab’s activities during the various stages of submitting a proposal are
shown in the image below.

Get in touch

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Ongoing activities

Horizon Lab has been promoting pan-European collaboration since its launch in 2021. As of now, Horizon Lab has

  • Engaged more than 300 people to enable closer cooperation
  • Supported more than 20 partnerships encouraging innovative research and mid-TRL solutions before commercialisation
  • Contributed to eight ongoing European strategic innovation projects

Discover active projects

Horizon Lab contributes to eight ongoing European projects that are aligned with EIT Urban Mobility’s objectives of
improving people’s quality of life, decarbonising mobility and making Europe’s economy more competitive. Discover the
projects below:


Supporting EU’s Mission of 100 Climate-Neutral
and Smart Cities by 2030

Duration: 10/21 - 02/26


Laying the foundation for the common European mobility data space.

Duration: 09/22 - 09/23


Unleashing the potential
of Public Transport in Europe.

Duration: 01/23 - 12/26


Boosting the impact of CIVITAS Community activities
on sustainable urban mobility policy.

Duration: 05/23 - 04/27


Enabling the next
generation of battery
reverse logistics.

Duration: 05/23 - 10/26


Transforming road
safety in Africa.

Duration: 09/23 - 08/26


Anticipating urban freight generation and demand
through digitalisation.

Duration: 09/23 - 02/27


Upscaling green urban
last mile delivery solutions and city learning.

Duration: 09/23 - 02/26

WeGenerate Logo

Co-creating people-centric
sustainable neighbourhoods through urban

Duration: 11/23 - 10/27

Readjust logo

Tackling inequalities in the
green and digital

Duration: 03/24 - 09/27

Meet the team

Adriana Diaz
Horizon Lab Manager
Sigrid Ehrmann
EU Project Delivery Officer
Albert Solé
Business Sales Development Officer
Jehan Bhikoo
Climate Neutrality Officer
Mónica Castañeda
EU Project Delivery Officer
Maximilian Renner
Digitalisation Mobility Officer
Julia Lazarus
Horizon Lab Programme Assistant
Rose Gregorio
Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Officer