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thu07mar13:00thu14:00The gender gap in the ITS sectorJoin us for a webinar with leading industry experts to discuss gender equality in the ITS sector13:00 - 14:00

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Join us for a webinar with leading industry experts to discuss gender equality in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector and comment on the results of a new research study conducted for WIN-ITS, a project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Over the past six months, Trivector Traffic, EIT Urban Mobility and ITS organisations in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia have been investigating the state of gender equality in the ITS sector. At the webinar, we’ll talk with leading industry experts about the results of the research study and their thoughts on the future of gender equality in ITS.

The event begins with Julia Nyberg from Trivector Traffic presenting main findings from the study we undertook in the beginning of 2024 to understand the status of gender equality in tech transport (with a focus on the Nordic countries). Our expert panel consisting of Anna Clark (Trivector Traffic), Lasse Schelde (IDA) and Marianne Weinreich (Weinreich Mobility) will comment on the study results, contextualise the findings based on their own industry experience and discuss how the results can be used in the future to promote a more gender-equal sector.

Agenda: 13.00-14.00 (CET)

  • Presentation of the study’s main findings by Julia Nyberg (Trivector Traffic)
  • Panel discussion with Anna Clark (Trivector Traffic), Lasse Schelde (IDA) and Marianne Weinreich (Weinreich Mobility)
  • Q&A and wrap-up by Dr. Christian Dymén (Trivector Traffic)

If you are working within ITS, transport planning or the tech sector and you are interested in gender equality issues, then this event is for you! Don’t miss out and join the conversation.

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Speakers at "The gender gap in the ITS sector"


Anna Clark (Trivector Traffic)

Anna Clark studied applied mathematics and statistics, and has a PhD in transport modelling from 2009. Her main drive is in supporting the shift towards a more sustainable transport system. She was born in the UK, grew up in Brussels and has lived in Sweden for over 10 years. Anna’s interest and expertise lie in the intersection between transport, sustainability and innovation. She is particularly interested in data science and opportunities for digitisation and data-driven solutions for the transition towards a more sustainable transport system. She complements her interest and expertise in data science and transport technology with her broad competence and experience in the field of transport and mobility, e.g. in policy, public-private collaboration, innovation theory, business models and communications. She has worked with many facets of the sustainable transport system, e.g. cycling, future mobility, health and transport, public transport and MaaS, electrification, freight traffic, ITS and SUMPs in Sweden, the Nordics and Europe. In addition to almost 10 years of experience as a consultant in Sweden, she has worked with corporate innovation, with EU funding of innovation projects in mobility, and with EU policy and project management of EU RD&I projects in mobility based in Denmark and Belgium.

Marianne Weinreich (Weinreich Mobility)

With a humanistic background as Master in Nordic Literature and Language and World History, Marianne Weinreich has for almost 25 years advised cities and organisations about sustainable mobility policy and promotion with a special focus on cycling. Her focus has always been on the users and on understanding different user groups’ barriers and challenges. For the last six years, she’s been Market Manager in Ramboll’s Smart Mobility division where she started focusing on gender issues. She’s lead author of the report “Gender and (smart) mobility” published in 2021, which she turned into an online training course with EIT Urban Mobility, who also shot the video “How to make urban cycling more attractive to women.” She’s currently an independent advisor at Weinreich Mobility. Finally, she’s co-founder and Chair of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and an experienced speaker at and moderator of cycling and mobility webinars and conferences around the world.

Lasse Schelde (IDA)

Lasse is a Political Chef Consultant on Green Mobility at the Danish Society of Engineers. IDA represents the voice of technology and is a professional organisation and trade union based on knowledge, networks and the interests of 150,000 members studying or working in STEM.

Julia Nyberg (Trivector Traffic)

Julia works with strategic traffic planning in early stages and has her expertise in issues related to social sustainability. Within the framework of projects in social sustainability, she has worked on safety issues, gender equality in transport planning, inclusion of children’s perspectives, and equality issues. In 2021, she received an award for her thesis about gender mainstreaming in transport planning from the Swedish Network for Gender Equality in the Transport sector and has continued to work on gender equality issues since then.

Dr. Christian Dymén (Trivector Traffic)

Christian is a consultant, researcher, facilitator and speaker with a focus on social sustainability, gender and goal-steered planning processes. Dymén has considerable experience from and is an appreciated process leader in complex planning processes, mostly commissioned by municipalities, regional authorities and national government agencies. Furthermore, Dymén has over fifteen years of experience of commissioned work related to gender equality, equal rights and social sustainability in transport and mobility planning. In addition, Dymén holds a long track record regarding research in the fields of gender, masculinities, climate change and sustainable urban planning. Dymén has published several peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals related to these fields and regularly reviews scientific papers submitted to journals.

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(Thursday) 13:00 - 14:00 CET (Copenhagen)