june, 2023

tue27jun11:00tue12:00Healthy Cities & Hydrogen Cargo Bike Call Info SessionLets work together for healthier cities!11:00 - 12:00

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Join the Healthy Cities and Hydrogen Cargo Bike Call Info Session

This online info session will take a deep-dive into the project scope, objectives, and award criteria of the Healthy Cities and Hydrogen Cargo Bike targeted project call. During the session, you will learn about the call timeline, the application, and evaluation process, and much more.

Topic 1: Healthy cities

Most Europeans live in cities, with the proportion of the urban population continually growing. Higher population density has meant more pollution. In fact, in 2020, over 200,000 deaths were due to excessive exposure to pollution. An integrated approach to urban planning is needed to tackle climate change and create healthy urban areas.

The benefits of investing in developing healthy cities are multi-faceted. Disincentivising car use and promoting cycling, walking and public transport creates safer public spaces, reduces accidents and pollution. Additionally, it has positive knock-on effects for a city’s economy and its residents. Indeed studies show a significant return on investment as a result of bicycle infrastructure implementation ([1], [2]).

Much research has been done into how to measure policies’ effect on long-term health of residents, but there is still no way of comparing impacts of different policies quickly and objectively, making it difficult to optimise city planning.

Topic 2: Hydrogen cargo bikes

The transition to alternative energy sources is ever increasing. Hydrogen will play a key role in this transition. EIT Urban Mobility in its mission to make cities more green and liveable is looking to support a last mile logistics solution that will overcome operational limitations and environmental challenges associated with e-cargo bikes. The aim of this call is to bring a hydrogen cargo bike to the market for the first time.

About Targeted Projects

The Targeted Projects Programme has recently been initiated to address gaps in the innovation portfolio in regard to the business plan, strategic agenda, and external changes such as technological developments, policies/regulations, and (urgent) events.

[1] Hämeentie Bikenomics Report | CIVITAS Handshake (handshakecycling.eu)

[2] PASTA (pastaproject.eu)


(Tuesday) 11:00 - 12:00