november, 2023

thu16nov16:00thu17:00Codagon Event: Accelerating Your Urban Mobility Solutions16:00 - 17:00

Event Details

#Codagon is the culmination of the MobiDataLab project, emerging from the fusion of ‘Code’ and ‘Agon’ (Greek for competition). It represents a dynamic platform where innovators converge to turn conceptual ideas into real-world solutions. By combining spirited competition with innovation, #Codagon invites participants to solve real-world mobility challenges in EU cities, fostering collaboration and providing invaluable insights into their solutions’ exploitation methods and value proposition.

Panel discussion: “Accelerating Your Urban Mobility Solutions: Opportunities for Growth”

The panel discussion aims to provide our participants (innovators, start-ups, developers, etc.) with insights on key initiatives in the urban mobility landscape and the resources available that could help them grow and accelerate their solutions after our project ends.

For that, participants will be connected with key initiatives, shedding light on the resources, funding, and collaborative avenues these organizations offer, for them to understand how they can further develop and implement their innovative solutions.

Jordi Casas, EIT Urban Mobility’s City Development manager, will participate in the discussion, presenting all the different initiatives that can support young entrepreneurs, start-ups, SME, and research centres to boost their solutions into the market. 

Discussion Topics:

1. Post-CODAGON Opportunities: Delve into the opportunities awaiting participants after the CODAGON event. Explore their urban mobility solutions’ potential for growth, development, and implementation. Discuss the significance of incubators and accelerators in nurturing and accelerating innovative projects.

2. Key Initiatives Supporting Urban Mobility Solutions: Spotlight the invited key initiatives and their role in facilitating innovation and acceleration. Explore the resources, funding, and collaborative opportunities offered by these initiatives. Learn how participants can leverage these resources to grow their solutions. Share success stories of innovators and their innovative solutions who have thrived in their program.

3. Q&A and Networking: Provide a platform for participants to engage with panellists through a Q&A session. Encourage networking opportunities and the exchange of ideas, fostering collaboration and innovation.


Competition website:

Competition Host: AETHON Engineering


(Thursday) 16:00 - 17:00