The Tyre Collective

The Tyre Collective spearheads the capture and monitoring of tyre wear, thus accelerating the shift towards a true zero-emission future. Its solution reduces ocean microplastics and air PM pollution from tyres.


LendoCare is a mobility and accessibility equipment rental company dedicated to the design of more durable products suitable for the rental market. Its proprietary technology automates the rental journey and optimizes logistics.

Go Rolloe Ltd

GoRolloe is a hardware engineering start-up that captures existing energy from vehicles to purify the ambient air.


Clearly is a data-led mobility emissions platform, offering net-zero solutions for road transportation and access to sustainable finance across the supply chain.

ARC Aerosystems

ARC Aerosystems Limited is a UK-based technology company developing a range of civil hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The company aims to enable sustainable civil air transport technology to serve humanity and the environment.

ANET360 -British-Hungarian Road Safety PLC

ANET360 offers the easiest way to start collecting knowledge or upskilling one´s workforce via engaging learning experiences or effortless eye-tracking-based solutions – all embedded in one platform.


3FINERY is launching LisNav, an app for blind individuals and those with vision impairments that provides on-demand environmental audio descriptions using geolocalization data from urban sites of interest.

Go Jauntly

Free, award-winning, community-based app which promotes walking for leisure, active travel and nature connection. 


We bring free-to-use smart and secure micromobility parking to forward thinking buildings and spaces in your city.

Sorair Technologies

We are bringing the future of delivery vehicles to final mile delivery businesses by providing autonomous delivery drones as a new, more efficient, carbon neutral replacement for current road vehicles.