The SADE IoT solution family, formed by both hardware and software, helps track the cold chain to keep the quality of goods and also enables tracing the assets in warehouses to minimize the cost via RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems).

Link Robotics

Link Robotik develops vision-based navigation/localization solutions for future mobility.


INRES (Innovative Renewable Energy Systems) is a deep technology company focused on engineering innovative technologies and producing new products to achieve clean and sustainable energy production for a greener world.

Deveci Tech

ENLIL is a smart vertical axis wind turbine project that transforms highways into renewable energy sources by using winds created by vehicles as well as natural winds. The company offers a cheap, accessible, and eco friendly energy source for cities.


Comodif helps companies to unlock the power of their mobility data and thus, empowering connected mobility by digitalization of their assets.


Scootable is a vehicle agnostic platform for shared mobility service providers.

Hergele Mobility

Hergele Mobility offers an all inclusive pack for emerging operators to start their own fleet in weeks. Fleet Pack includes the hardware and the software; the end user mobile application, the backend fleet management system, the operators app and the IoT integrated vehicles.


AI-based photo and video analyzing mobile apps and a platform to increase the productivity of companies.