Omniloop AB

Omniloop develops and provides technologies, know-how, key components, and complete systems for underground capsule pipeline logistics for transporting and storing items, packages, circular flows, and waste that fits in a cylinder with a 30 cm diameter.


XENSE Vision enhances automated vehicles’ decision-making in complex traffic by providing positions of hidden objects and pedestrians. This is achieved through sensor-equipped infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient navigation.

Walking Talking AB

Walking Talking offers corporate leaders a scientifically-based method to manage stress and foster a sustainable corporate culture. Its digi-physical platform encourages daily movement and communication, fostering collaboration among colleagues and supporting companies in overcoming stress issues sustainably.

CommuteSaver AB

Commutesaver provides a fully digital solution and an automated CO2 tracking app for employee commuting. The AI based mobile app automatically detects the user’s transport mode and then tracks and reports those CO2 emissions to the company.

Cocoon Airbag Protection AB

Cocoon Airbag Protection develops the world’s safest child seat for bikes. The solution is a patented airbag protection for bicycle child seats that is attached to the back of the seat and will open up as a protecting airbag around the child in case of an accident.

Bellavi Software AB

Bellavi is a reliable software engineering partner in Stockholm, Sweden that helps companies of all sizes and industries build their business resilience and drive tangible outcomes with the help of IT solutions.


Rethinking Charging. A Swedish tech company offering unique and complete charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Bintel AB

Bintel delivers a full vertical waste management solution providing customers with actionable data where hardware (level measuring sensors), connectivity, cloud-based integration platform and web-based analytics are included.

Eljun AB

Eljun is developing a digital and unified platform where, through collaboration with multiple stakeholders within eMobility, we optimize the digital infrastructure for electronic vehicles.

MIOO Cycling AB

Convenient safety and service for everyday cyclists. We fill the gap of service and support between users and manufacturers when sales move to e-commerce.

Fast Trek

We combine truck-hauls to minimize the number of active trucks on the road, reducing emissions, erosion and congestion. We make the world go round with fewer trucks on the road.