Fusion Engineering

We aim to make drone flight much safer and reliable such that it can be integrated seamlessly into everyday life as well as expand their feasible commercial applications by developing cutting edge flight controllers, control algorithms, and software.

Deftpower B.V.

Deftpower is building the Automotive Charging Platform that will turn EV drivers from consumers of electricity into suppliers of electricity and storage. We do with our charging app and platform.

Longship IT Solutions B.V.

We are offering a SaaS solution for Charge Point Operators. Easy to use software, running in the cloud, that enables companies with CPO ambitions to quickly enter the market and start operating and monetizing their charge points.


geoFluxus is a spin-off company from the Delft University of Technology and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), based on 4 years of research on the circular economy and sustainable logistics in the built environment. Our ‘Waste Profile’ is the world’s first web-application on which companies can find more nearby and sustainable solutions for their waste materials. In October 2020, geoFluxus was awarded the first prize from the European Commission as most promising platform to deliver the ‘EU Green Deal’.