BeTriton developed the most sustainable and fun way to travel for the ever-increasing number of people who seek unique and green ways to escape. 


Bruntor is the fastest Last mile delivery vehicle in City! The stand-up solution helps to reduce the time spent at the drop-off point. With our solution City deliveries can be done 15% faster than with Van and even 40% faster than with a bike.

VOoVOo (Total Traffic Management)

TTM – Total Traffic Management is focused on improving the Fleet Management services using Active Safety technologies. Our flagman product is Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA), which regulates the vehicle’s speed in real-time according to the road speed limits, based on Digital Maps and GPS technologies.


DIGAS improves the way how goods are shipped around the World by making cost-effective, reliable, and safe hydrogen and methane retrofit systems for high horsepower and heavy-duty applications with a strong focus on railway applications.


Meredot is an award-wining startup that is developing the next generation electric fueling stations to lead the mobility charging infrastructure market.