SEADs – sea defence solutions

SEADs´ (Sea Defence solutions) mission is to introduce the Blue Barriers – a simple yet effective patented technology to stop the plastic before it gets to the Oceans and to transform it into a resource.


The Edge Company developed a non-cooperative obstacle detection system based on AI to recognize birds and obstacles in real time. Their solution is already implemented in a vertiport and in some airports in Europe.


SWITCH is a mobile app that connects users with available parking slots and sharing mobility services, easing the hassle of finding parking or vehicles in big cities.


SHARE provides green services for a range of urban logistics areas such as last-mile deliveries, lockers, cargo and quadricycles, or walkers crowdsourcing by plugging & playing with routing optimization and social engagement.

Novac s.r.l.

Novac targets the electric mobility market, improving its efficiency and quality by means of shapable solid-state supercapacitors, thus imposing a new quality standard for the best electric vehicles on the planet.


Keet is a fleet management software that helps SMEs that own a fleet of vans to manage them in the most efficient way. It takes one minute to be set up and gives owners full control of their fleet, and tailored AI-based insights on potential improvements.

IntegrityKEY S.R.L.

IK combines food and information technology to ensure transparent traceability of food, certifying its origin, quality, safety and sustainability, offering support to micro and SMEs in the region through advanced digital traceability solutions.


ABzero is a start-up that offers the smart capsule, a system for the delivery of blood, emocomponents, organs, and medicines that enables everyone using drones according to regulations, ensuring delivery in an autonomous way and in total safety.

2C s.rl

The company is creating a smart cane powered by AI named JUSTEP to help blind and visually impaired people navigate safely in the streets with the help of AI image processing and highly accurate GPS.