REOVLTZ creates high-end, mini-electric vehicles that truly elevate single-rider transportation and last-mile delivery methods. The company bridges the gap between the traditional automotive world and the emerging style of micromobility vehicles.


i4drive provides comprehensive driver profiling and deep analytics, enabling fleets, insurers, and smart mobility operators to truly understand what is impacting driver behaviour and safety.


Brightmerge is a data decision-making platform for rapidly optimizing and verifying financial, sustainability and reliability performance of advanced renewable energy microgrid systems that enable rapid adoption of Electric Vehicle Fleets.


Anyroutes enables SMB Distributors to collaborate and share delivery schedules based on route and proximity, reducing operational costs and eliminating the congestion and waste of overlapping deliveries.


Cognata provides a testing and analysis engine for improving road safety & traffic flows with a photorealistic Mobility Digital Twin technology. Cognata uses 4D models which include AI-based Mobility traffic layers, helping cities and planners understand and analyze safety scenarios in urban environments, as well as examining different traffic scenarios in order to improve the safety and efficiency of future urban traffic planning.


Trailze is helping micromobility companies like rental operators, vehicle manufacturers, and delivery companies to increase revenue and promote safety. Our solution is a navigation SDK that companies can add to their apps in 1 day, helping them win new customers, cities, and markets.

ITC Intelligent Traffic Control LTD.

We developed a 100% software solution that predicts and prevents traffic jams, based on our patented algorithms and AI concepts. We already proved with one of our customers (Tel Aviv Municipality) that we can reduce between 20%-30% of the congestions.


SafeMode offers behavior-based software to help fleet managers monitor and reward drivers for safe and eco-driving.


Autonomous vehicles and delivery robots are poised to transform last-mile distribution, but full autonomy is very difficult to achieve. Vehicles and robots will always encounter rare situations that artificial intelligence is not trained to handle.
The solution is to provide human assistance when this happens – remotely, on-demand, and through a safe, secure and reliable method.