tOURmix Delivery Bt.

tOURmix is a crowdsourced package delivery platform that pairs the movement/commute of people. As a result, logistical detours of delivery is eliminated, thus making home deliveries CO2 neutral and providing for a sustainable delivery network.


YourParking designed a smart parking barrier, which addressed everyday people, companies and governmental organizations who would like to use parking lots more effectively. The device has maintenance-free battery, solar power panel and it is simple to plant and use. With this device the owner can protect her/his property, ensure space, or share her/his parking lot in a controlled way by an application platform.


roboGaze is an automotive software company focusing on reducing road fatalities, aiming to become a global Software Tier 2 with 3-5% share from the 2,3B € market by 2026.

Logo Block


Block provides smart and secure bicycle racks to foster a sustainable and smart urban mobility, making cyclists’ life worry-free and convenient.

Meter Solutions Kft

SaaS product for fleet operators and energy network managers. A demand-side response system that uses IoT, machine learning and predictive analytics to optimise EV charging and match it with distributed renewable generation.


Have you ever wondered how much time you spend sitting in a trafic jam in your life? More than 200 days is wasted because of the inefficient settings of the traffic lights. We at IT-c developed a software that allows traffic lights to operate dynamically based on live traffic conditions, real-time, because we believe, that it is time for traffic light management to step into the future.