Avocargo – AVO Mobility GmBH

Avocargo offers flexible and city-friendly access to a fleet of versatile electric cargobikes. As every second ride substitutes a car trip, Avocargo will play an immense impact for sustainable cities.

Weslax GmbH

Weslax is developing an environmental, half-automated hybrid heavy-lift-drone to save time by direct airline during logistic & emergency-case situation (firefighting or rescue) by 150km range and 150kg payload with the compliance of the ESG-criteria.

eMagic Aircraft GmbH

Development, Design and Construction of airframe and electric propulsion system.

RiDERgy GmbH

Cities will move to electric mobility for a cleaner air. Renewable energies provides the energy to drive but they fluctuate. These 2 trends can be synergistic by charging and discharging the vehicle batteries at the optimal time. This requires a good prediction based on an AI algorithm and data that steers the electricity according to the mobility and energy grid needs. RiDERgy provides this solution, boosts electric mobility by making it cheaper and avoids the installation of extra batteries.

B2B software platform for efficient fleet electrification and charging. Via algorithms, flexible apis to chargers & vehicles. As renewables’ volatility increases, we help keep grids stable via flexible demand & EV batteries.


We use platform technology to bring retailers, carriers, and consumers together for urban logistics. That allows us to bundle orders and utilize existing infrastructure to reduce the carbon footprint of all future deliveries.

Mily Technologies

We help delivery companies gain valuable insights, quickly reveal patterns and inefficiencies, and optimize their delivery processes, all in one AI powered platform.

fronyx GmbH

We help public charging providers to make the most out of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure by balancing utilization, reducing costs of energy procurement and to generate more revenues with dynamic pricing.

DeepDrive GmbH

We are developing a fully modular, highly efficient electric vehicle platform for new EV makers so that they can build their mobility solutions on top of it.


BAVERTIS offers a software based power electronics for e-vehicles that increases battery life time and range, reduces costs and allows battery analytics. As it´s bidirectional the vehicle can be used for grid stabilization in smart grid applications.


velow offers sustainable urban micro mobility that pays off – for its users, their fellows, the city. velow is a closable e-bike with car comfort. It enables its users to be mobile and safe, while riding towards a better world, km by km, every day.

IO-Dynamics GmbH

Our mission is to make charging EVs smarter and greener. We develop and sell IO-ELON, a data-driven smart charging solution for EV fleets that controls and manages EV charging in a sustainable, reliable and efficient manner.


GoCharly provides On-Demand Delivery-As-A-Service in urban environments and uses teleoperated delivery robots instead of traditional human couriers.