Beev offers the best exprience for buying an electric vehicle and installing a charging station.

Reflet du Monde

The company supports its customers in the use of UAVs in terms of training, services, sales and research and development. Reflet du Monde also works in the field of agriculture with its 25 kg drone used for various services.


We’re changing how the world breathes and moves with sustainable and innovative ways to improve medical deliveries. Delivrone is a French start-up looking to revolutionize the medical last mile delivery industry using drones.


#dot:dot is a software solution that builds a WiFi, ad-hoc, meshed network between pocket-size electronic boards called #dot’s. No infrastructure. No supervision. No subscription. It turns any crowd into a monetizable private mobile network.


Transition-One designs and produces low carbon mobility solutions to fight against climate change and contribute to the end of the use of fossil fuels. We retrofit light ICE cars (passengers, commercial) into electric cars.

LinkByCar logo


The way people move around is changing, with connected vehicles, autonomous driving, carpooling and the personalization of driving experiences. 

LinkByCar is simplifying the transport industry that has become increasingly complex. LinkByCar’s smart infrastructure gives businesses easy access to our world’s key connected vehicles systems and the millions of customers who use them.

The platform enhanced with artificial intelligence allows behavioural prediction of motor vehicles and the individuals who use them.