Parkly Urban Furniture

Parkly is on a mission to bring people together. Its modular urban furniture solutions turn any outdoor area into a green and welcoming place where people can meet, play and unwind.

Omni Audio Ltd.

Omni Audio makes everything visible with sound. Its software helps the blind to “hear” objects, devices, and barriers around them and feel safe using intuitive sounds.

Bout Oy Ab

Bout is a digital platform for water transportation, increasing the accessibility of maritime locations for consumers.
Bout is bringing a centralized platform to connect passengers with the demand, enabling service providers to sell their capacity to their fullest extent and passengers to access the fragmented market through one service.

Greenele Oy (Hidas)

Greenele is making charging electric vehicles easier and more affordable than ever before by developing a charging station that is designed for ease of use and affordability with metering and billing options.