App for tracking orders in real time. The perfect complement to your logistics supply chain.

Iomob Technologies OÜ

Iomob provides an open mobility-on-demand marketplace by offering any public or private mobility provider an option to integrate their services into the platform. Customers can then integrate Iomob’s platform into their app or website to offer consumers multimodal travel choices. The open mobility marketplace approach prioritizes service over customer ownership, dissolving the rigid barriers between transport providers of different modes.

GaiaHub OÜ

GaiaHub is an ecosystem of data-driven modular products offering insight into urban traffic’s impact on the climate. A platform aggregates real-time urban data from various sensors and provides reporting and predictions for governments and citizens.

LightCode Photonics​

LightCode Photonics is a deep tech company developing breakthrough technology for mobility. We are rethinking image acquisition and transforming 3D imaging from human-like perception to robotic vision – we are building the world’s first Software-Defined 3D Camera (SD3D Camera).

Fyma OÜ​

Fyma is an urban analytics startup that specializes in using AI computer vision technology to retrieve valuable, anonymized data from video feeds. We primarily partners with real estate developers and planners to help them use data to increase livability, walkability, and sustainability in multi-use developments, green spaces, and streets.

Auve Tech OÜ

Auve Tech is an Estonian company that grew out from a research project in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology. The goal was to develop an autonomous shuttle from scratch and after finishing the first prototype within just a year, we have continued to develop and manufacture the shuttles and proved their functionality in various use cases for providing safe and sustainable solutions in last-mile transportation.